Vetrepreneur Mentoring

"Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world." Harriet Tubman


"If your employees are untrained, their incompetence and lack of productivity will in future years cost much more in their job failure and subsequent turnover, than it would have cost in their correction through an effective employee training program." - Copyright © July 2000, Lawrence L. Josephs

  1. A Real Understanding of Motivation
  2. Three Types of Motivation
  3. Three Types of People Skills
  4. The Problem with Employees Today
  5. Differences Between Fear & Reward
  6. Succeeding in a Negative Society
  7. Developing Internal Motivation
  8. Changing Habits, Attitudes and Beliefs
  9. Understanding Satisfiers & Dissatisfiers
  10. Developing Your Own Program
Goal Setting

"My objective is not to train sales people to be survivors; for even a losing team contains survivors. My objective is to train sales people to be winners; for a winning team contains no survivors."- Copyright © January 1977, Lawrence L. Josephs

  1. The Power of Goal Setting
  2. Three Types of Goals
  3. Developing Laser-Clear Goals
  4. Difference Between Goals & Objectives
  5. Overcoming Obstacles to Success
  6. Goal Achieving or Tension Relieving?
  7. What Are Your Short-Range Goals?
  8. Working from the Future Backwards
  9. Crystallizing Your Personal Goals
  10. Holding Yourself Accountable
  11. Modifying Your Goals & Career Path
Professional Sales Skills

"The person who refuses to use their selling skills has no advantage over the person who has no selling skills." - Copyright © January 1999, Lawrence L. Josephs

  1. Professional Selling Principles
  2. Three Types of Communication
  3. Law of Psychological Reciprocity
  4. Listening & Speaking
  5. Building Relationships
  6. Secrets of Closing (Buying Signals)
  7. Understanding Egocentric Predicament
  8. Overcoming Stalls and Objections
  9. Understanding Telephone Skills
  10. Developing Your Opening Lines
  11. Interest-gaining Techniques
  12. Writing Your own Telephone Script
  13. A Real Understanding of Motivation
  14. Goal Setting…Setting Laser Clear Goals
  15. Developing your 12 Month Plan
Management & Supervision

"Define your objective; amass the energy and motivation necessary to attain the objective, achieve success and prepare yourself to repeat that strategy on the next objective." - Copyright © January 2000, Lawrence L. Josephs

  1. Management Styles
  2. Elements of Working Together
  3. Three Types of Management Skills
  4. Three Types of Motivation
  5. Motivating a Team to Performance
  6. Measurable Job Descriptions
  7. Developing Incentive Tools
  8. Conducting Quarterly Reviews
  9. Recruiting Techniques
  10. Developing a Retention Program
  11. Partnering & Mentoring for New Hires
  12. Management Evaluation by Employees